Things to do in Dunsborough

What to do in Dunsborough during your next holiday to WA?

Dunsborough, more than just a postcard-esque coastal town, holds a special place in the heart of Western Australia’s renowned Margaret River region. Standing proudly on the shores of Geographe Bay, it paints a vivid picture of jaw-dropping sunsets, pristine stretches of white sugar sand beaches, and clear, shallow waters. Yet, the town’s essence goes beyond its natural beauty, reflecting a relaxed WA artisanal culture that beckons visitors year after year.

Once perceived merely as a brief stop-off for surfers en route to Margaret River, Dunsborough has seamlessly evolved into one of the state’s most coveted holiday destinations. With its breathtaking landscapes, serene bays, and rich cultural treasures, it’s a realm where waves narrate tales of ageless allure and the terrain radiates irresistible charm.
For those planning a visit, Dunsborough vacation rentals serve as the ideal gateway to this coastal paradise. And if you find yourself wondering what to indulge in while here, fret not. Dive into our curated guide of things to do in Dunsborough. From popular activities to hidden gems, we promise an escapade filled with memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Experince Dunsborough’s Natural Beauty

The picturesque coastal town of Dunsborough is a haven for nature enthusiasts. With so many outdoor activities to partake in, such as hiking, mountain biking, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and so much more, visitors will have the opportunity to experience Dunsborough natural beauty up close and personal. 

Hike the Cape Naturaliste to Sugarloaf Rock trail

Visiting Sugarloaf Rock trail in one of the many activities to do in Dunsborough

Hiking in Dunsborough is a great way to see its natural wonders while taking in all the incredible views this beautiful area has to offer. Western Australia is renowned for its natural beauty, and the Cape Naturaliste to Sugarloaf Rock trail is a perfect example of this. The 7.4 kilometre out-and-back, nicely paved trail takes less than 2 hours to complete, and features a 1 kilometre timber boardwalk which winds through stunning coastal scenery. Along the way, visitors can take in sweeping views of the ocean, spot native wildlife, and enjoy the fresh ocean air. You can visit this trail year-round and it is suitable for all fitness levels.

Tour Ngilgi Cave

When wondering about what to do in Dunsborough? Cave into Ngilgi Cave

Delving deep into Western Australia’s subterranean wonders, Ngilgi Cave stands as one of Dunsborough’s most iconic attractions. Located just a short 10 minute drive from the town center, this ancient limestone cave was discovered in 1899 and is a testament to nature’s artistry. The cave is adorned with intricate stalactites, stalagmites, and shimmering crystal formations. 

Visitors to Ngilgi Cave can embark on guided tours where they’ll not only be captivated by its geological beauty but also learn about its rich Aboriginal significance, particularly its connection to the Dreamtime legend of a battle between a good spirit (Ngilgi) and an evil spirit (Wolgine). Beyond exploring its chambers, the adventurous can even partake in semi-adventurous cave tours, navigating deeper, narrower sections of the cave for an enhanced experience.

Mountain biking at the Meelup bike trails

Mountain biking

For adrenaline seekers and nature enthusiasts alike, the Meelup biking trails, located in the stunning Meelup Regional Park near Dunsborough, offer a thrilling fusion of challenge and scenic beauty. Winding through the native bushland and occasionally offering glimpses of the pristine coastline, these trails cater to mountain bikers of varying skill levels. As riders navigate the diverse terrain, from smooth paths to rugged sections, they’re also treated to the rich biodiversity of the region, making it a sensory delight. The trails are easily accessible, well-maintained and clearly signposted, making the Meelup biking trails a must-visit for those looking to experience Dunsborough’s natural landscapes from the saddle of their mountain bikes.

Explore the Beaches in Dunsborough

Exploring the beaches in Dunsborough

Dunsborough’s coastline is a patchwork of pristine beaches, each offering a unique slice of Western Australia’s coastal charm. Meelup Beach, with its tranquil turquoise waters and powdery white sands, is a favorite for families and picnickers, providing the ideal setting for a relaxing day out. Nearby, Eagle Bay beckons with its vast stretch of sand and serene ambiance, making it perfect for sunbathing and gentle swims. 

Bunker Bay, on the other hand, captures the heart with its dramatic limestone cliffs and clear waters, ideal for snorkeling. Whether you’re looking to bask in the sun, take a peaceful stroll, or dive into water activities, Dunsborough’s beaches provide the perfect seaside escape.

Take a Sunset Stroll and Stargaze

Sunset strolls are one of the most romantic things to do in Dunsborough
Photo Credit: ‘Milky Way at Sugarloaf Rock – Dunsborough, Western Australia by Trevor Dobson via CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Dunsborough, with its idyllic coastal position, is blessed with some of the most awe-inspiring sunset vistas in Western Australia. Meelup Beach stands out as a favorite, where the sun’s descent paints a golden hue on its tranquil waters, making it a photographer’s dream. Over at Castle Rock, the elevated viewpoint offers a panoramic canvas of the sun setting against the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean. Similarly, Point Piquet provides an unobstructed view of the horizon, with the occasional silhouette of a returning fishing boat adding to its charm. 

Each spot in Dunsborough, bathed in the warm glow of twilight, promises a sunset experience that lingers long after the sun has dipped below the horizon. Additionally, because of Dunsborough’s rural location it has little to no light pollution, making it perfect for a romantic night of stargazing. 

Dunsborough Attractions 

Emerce yourself in western Australia’s culture and book some of Dunsborugh’s most popular tours. Choose from over 200 wineries to tour and experience the region’s wildlife up close on one of Dunsbough’s many tours from their noctural animal tour, whale watching and local zoos! Here are some of our top picks;

It’s always Wine O’Clock in Dunsborough

Visiting local wineries in or near Dunsborough

Nestled in the heart of the renowned Margaret River wine region, Dunsborough presents itself as a haven for any wine connoisseur. The region boasts over 200 world-class wineries set against a backdrop of rolling landscapes, producing some of Australia’s most esteemed wines, particularly the premium Chardonnays, Cabernet Sauvignons, and Semillons. The picturesque settings captivate visitors—vast vine rows lead to elegant cellar doors, often paired with gourmet restaurants, making for a delightful wine and dine experience. 

Whether you’re indulging in guided tastings at acclaimed venues like Flametree Wines, Vasse Felix, Leeuwin Estate, and Moss Wood, dining al fresco with loved ones, or capturing perfect moments among the vines, Dunsborough offers a seamless blend of sensory pleasures, deeply-rooted winemaking traditions, and heartfelt hospitality.

Join a Nocturnal Wildlife Tour in Dunsborough

Dunsborough’s natural beauty doesn’t end when the sun goes down; it merely transforms, revealing a vibrant nocturnal world waiting to be explored. Nocturnal wildlife tours, guided by knowledgeable naturalists, introduce visitors to this hidden world, showcasing everything from the intricate dance of marsupials to the subtle movements of indigenous night birds. A highlight for many is the chance to spot the woylie, a petite marsupial standing merely 35 cm tall. The breeding season, spanning March to September, is an ideal time for woylie-watching. However, every tour promises encounters with other enchanting nocturnal species, such as possums, bandicoots, bats, and kangaroos. Immersed in the serene night ambience of the bush, participants emerge with a deeper appreciation for Dunsborough’s rich and diverse nocturnal ecosystem.

Go Whale Watching 

Dunsborough, with its privileged vantage point on the shores of Western Australia, offers one of nature’s most awe-inspiring spectacles: whale watching. Between June and December, the coastal waters become a bustling highway for migrating humpback and southern right whales as they journey north to warmer waters and return with their young. There are several whale watching tour operators  in Dunsborough offering guided tours, allowing visitors the chance to witness these gentle giants up close. 

With the stunning backdrop of the Indian Ocean and expert commentary on these magnificent creatures, it’s an experience that resonates deeply with nature lovers. Occasionally, lucky watchers might even spot elusive blue whales or playful orcas, making each excursion a potential treasure trove of memories. 

Wildlife Parks

Dunsborough is not just renowned for its beaches and wineries, but also for its commitment to conserving native wildlife. For those looking to encounter some of Australia’s most iconic reptiles, visit Discover Deadly where you can meet and hold crocodiles and lizards. 

There is also Country Life Farm where visitors can get up close and personal with iconic species like kangaroos, wallabies and many more, learning about their habitats and behaviors from knowledgeable park staff. Some parks also serve as rehabilitation centers for injured or orphaned animals, providing insights into conservation efforts. A visit to these wildlife parks not only promises delightful encounters but also fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of Australia’s rich biodiversity.

For the Foodies: Explore Dunsborough’s Culinary Scene

It’s never been easier to taste the local favourites of the Margaret River region with Dundborough offering such a diverse culinary landscape to enthrall its visitors. At the forefront is Palmer’s Winery Restaurant, an oasis of fine dining set against a backdrop of lush vineyards, where every dish mirrors the essence of its exquisite wines. For a contemporary spin on regional flavors, Yarri Restaurant and Bar and Other Side of the Moon (located in the Pullman Resort) are top contenders, the latter granting panoramic views of Bunker Bay alongside its modern Australian menu. Those yearning for a relaxed ambiance paired with a morning caffeine fix can find solace in Wild & Woods Café and Evviva Café, celebrated for their aromatic coffee and delectable bites. 

Venturing slightly off-track, Goanna Gallery and Café merges the allure of art and dining, surrounded by serene bushland, while The Pour House is a magnet for craft beer aficionados, boasting an impeccable pairing of brews and bites. As Dunsborough’s culinary canvas keeps evolving, it consistently promises a blend of tradition, innovation, and sheer taste.

You’ll Never Be Dun Exploring Dunsborough

From its pristine beaches and scenic hiking trails to its world-class dining scene and incredible wildlife, you’ll never be finished exploring Dunsborough. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a blend of both, this Western Australian gem ensures life long memories that will have you coming back for more. So, pack your bags, set your sights on Dunsborough, and embark on a journey like no other.

Safe travels!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dunsborough

Where is Dunsborough in Western Australia?

Dunsborough is located in the south-west corner of Western Australia, about 250km south of Perth. The town is situated on the shores of Geographe Bay, and is a popular holiday destination for both locals and visitors from interstate.

What is in Dunsborough, Australia?

In Dunsborough, Australia, there are popular beaches for swimming, surfing, fishing, and other water sports. You can also find many walking trails through the surrounding bushland and parks. There is a wide selection of restaurants and cafes to add some luxe to your holiday. For those interested in arts and culture, there are several galleries and museums in the town.

Where to stay in Dunsborough?

If you’re hoping to spend your days exploring the beautiful beaches and wineries in the area, then you might want to consider staying near the coast. There are many holiday homes that offer stunning views of the water. If you’re more interested in the town’s history and culture, then staying in the heart of Dunsborough might be a better option.

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