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November 23, 2022

As the 2023 festive season approaches, it is time to start planning your holiday getaway in Margaret River! The charming town of Margaret River, nestled in the heart of Western Australia’s wine region, transforms into a magical Christmas wonderland. Christmas in Margaret River is not just a holiday celebration; it’s an enchanting experience that blends the region’s natural beauty with the joyous spirit of the season. 

From the twinkling lights adorning the quaint streets to the unique blend of traditional and Australian Christmas festivities, Margaret River offers a holiday escape like no other. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, prepare to be captivated by the area’s festive charm, exceptional food and wine, and the warm hospitality that makes Christmas in Margaret River an unforgettable experience.

Expect a Sunny Christmas

During Christmas, visitors to Margaret River can expect delightfully warm and pleasant weather, characteristic of a Southern Hemisphere summer. The region typically experiences temperatures ranging from a comfortable 20°C to a balmy 30°C, offering a perfect climate for outdoor festivities and exploring the natural beauty of the area. This time of year is marked by long, sunlit days followed by mild evenings, ideal for beach visits, vineyard tours, and evening barbecues. 

While rainfall is not uncommon in December, it usually comes in brief, refreshing showers that do little to dampen the festive spirit. Overall, the weather in Margaret River during Christmas provides a splendid backdrop for holiday celebrations and outdoor adventures. So ditch your mittens for a sun hat and come prepared for the heat!

Margaret River’s Christmas Activities 

The Christmas break is a wonderful time to be in the Margaret River region. With so many fun and festive activities to do, you’re promised an unforgettable Aussie Christmas getaway. Here are some top picks that deserve a spot of your Christmas getaway wishlist; 

Christmas Carols in the Park

Christmas Carols in the Park is a beloved event, now in its 17th year, that features carols by candlelight performed by local choirs and bands. Taking place on Friday 8 December from 7pm to 8.30pm on the Margaret River High School Oval, attendees can expect carols sung by the Margaret River Concert Band, Margaret River Community Band and community and school choirs. 

Alongside the music, there’s delicious food, ice cream, warm drinks, and festive candles for sale, creating a cozy, family-friendly atmosphere​​. Admission is free so bring your picnic rug along and cosy for a night of festive music with family and friends. 

Boardwalk down to a beach in Margaret
Photo by Eloise Shakespeare on Unsplash

Refreshing Christmas Swims

Margaret River is home to some of the best beaches in South Western Australia, therefore embarking on a refreshing sea swim on Christmas morning is a cherished tradition in Margaret River, embraced by many locals and visitors alike. This delightful ritual can be experienced at some of the closest and most picturesque beaches in the region, such as Gnarabup Beach, Prevelly Beach, and Kilcarnup Beach. 

These stunning coastal spots, known for their crystal-clear waters and serene surroundings, provide the perfect setting for a revitalizing dip. Going for a refreshing sea swim Christmas morning is a fun way to start off your day of festivities, while also immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Margaret River’s coastline. Christmas morning swims might just become a memorable tradition of your own.

Do not forget to bring your sunscreen—the Australian sun is no joke!

Nothing Says an Aussie Christmas like Whale Watching!

whales splash past  SouthWest, Australia

Whale watching is probably the last thing one would expect to hear about when it comes to Christmas entertainment. In our opinion, this only adds to the charm of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Whale watching in South West Australia is an unforgettable experience with June to December being the best time to watch these gentle giants. Species like the Humpback, Southern Right, Minke, and Blue Whale all make the epic journey all the way from Antarctica to nurse their young ones. 

Explore South West Australia’s Scenic Hiking Trails

South West Australia’s hiking trails 

In our opinion, there is no better way to explore a small town along the coast than by foot. Exploring the hiking trails in Margaret River, which are some of the best in South West Australia, is a fantastic way to enhance your sunny Christmas getaway. This region boasts some of the best hiking trails, including portions of the renowned Cape to Cape Track, which offers stunning coastal views and a diverse range of flora and fauna. 

Trails like the Boranup Forest walk, with its towering karri trees, and the River Mouth Trail, providing scenic river views, are perfect for nature enthusiasts. These hikes not only offer a peaceful escape into nature but also present an opportunity to experience the unique landscape and biodiversity of the area, making your Christmas holiday both adventurous and rejuvenating.

Venture into Nearby Towns like Busselton & Dunsborough

Coast of Dunsborough Australia

Dunsborough and Busselton are two towns in close proximity to the north of Margaret River. They are about 35 to 40 kilometres away and can be amazing destinations if you wish to go on day trips from Margaret River. Both Dunsborough and Busselton are small towns of rich historical significance and offer splendid beaches to enjoy the Australian coastline. 

The Festival of Busselton New Year Celebration is a fantastic event to ring in the New Year. This annual celebration features a New Year’s Eve concert that marks the official start of the festival. It’s a delightful family-friendly event with live music performances, such as by The Stingrays, and a variety of food options from different food vans. This festival provides a joyous and festive atmosphere, making it a perfect addition to your holiday experience in the Margaret River region​​. 

Swap Eggnog for Wine this Christmas

World-class Wine in Margaret River

Margaret River is home to over 200 wineries and 30 breweries, making it the perfect destination for those who enjoy a good glass of wine or beer. The region is especially well-known for its Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay wines, but there are plenty of other varieties to choose from. 

For beer lovers, there are plenty of local brews to sample, including ales, lagers, and stouts. Many of the breweries offer tours so you can learn about the brewing process while enjoying a few drinks along the way. If you are a sucker for a fine glass of wine or quirky craft beer with a punchy flavour, Margaret River will not disappoint you. 

Dine Local This Festive Season

During the Christmas season, dining out in Margaret River becomes a truly enchanting experience, as the region’s renowned restaurants offer festive culinary delights. Renowned for its exceptional food and wine culture, Margaret River is home to a variety of top-tier wineries and dining establishments, such as Vasse Felix, Leeuwin Estate, and Cullen Wines, each offering their unique take on both traditional and contemporary cuisine. 

These restaurants often feature special holiday menus, showcasing the freshest local produce and finest wines from the region. The warm and inviting atmosphere, combined with the exquisite flavors and scenic vineyard or coastal views, makes dining out in Margaret River a memorable part of any Christmas celebration. 

Don’t feel like slaving over a turkey for hours? Don’t fret, Margaret River and its nearby towns have a number of restaurants open Christmas Day, ready to serve you and your loved ones a delicious meal to remember, without the fuss! Restaurants like Other Side of the Moon, Tonic by the Bay and Club Wyndham Dunsborough are all open Christmas Day so best get your table booked fast!

Make Christmas Memories in Margaret River

If you are looking for a unique holiday destination that has something for everyone, look no further than this beautiful corner of Western Australia. From heartwarming Christmas carols, to invigorating Christmas morning swims at pristine beaches, Margaret River encapsulates the spirit of a true Aussie Christmas. The region’s scenic hiking trails and the vibrant Festival of Busselton add to the holiday charm, while the exceptional dining experiences provide a taste of local culinary excellence. 

Whether you’re soaking in the summer sun or indulging in the festive cheer, Christmas in Margaret River promises memories that will last a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your ultimate Aussie Christmas getaway today. Happy Holidays! 🎄🎁

FAQs about the Margaret River Region

Is Margaret River, Australia a town or a city?

Margaret River is a small town to the south of Perth in Western Australia and has a population of around 10,000 people, as of a 2021 census.

What is Margaret River, Australia known for?

Margaret River is popular for its world-class wine along pristine beaches. It is also home to some of Australia’s best hiking trails and majestic timber tree forests.

How far is Margaret River from Perth?

Margaret River is about 270 kilometres from the city of Perth. The drive from Perth to Margaret River takes around 3 hours.

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