View of surfers point from Margaret River mouth at sunset with lots of greenery beside beach

Margaret River: Your Wine and Surf Weekend Escape Awaits

March 4, 2024

Margaret River: Your Wine and Surf Weekend Escape Awaits

Found in the heart of Western Australia, Margaret River presents a unique blend of world-class winemaking and laid-back surf culture, making it an ideal destination for a weekend escape. Renowned for its exceptional Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine region stands out with its rich, elegant flavors, shaped by its Mediterranean climate and ancient, gravelly loams. Margaret River’s wine prowess is celebrated annually at events like the Margaret River Wine Show, underscoring the region’s commitment to viticultural excellence. 

Complementing this escape for all, Margaret River’s holiday homes offer a perfect retreat, merging comfort with the area’s natural beauty. Whether you’re sipping on a locally produced vintage or catching waves on the pristine beaches, Margaret River is a haven for those seeking a blend of relaxation and adventure​​​​​​.

Surfer putting on wet suit at sandy and rocky beach in Margaret River
Photo by matthew cann on Unsplash

Surf’s Up: Riding the Waves of Margaret River

Margaret River offers a diverse array of surf spots catering to different skill levels, each with its unique characteristics and challenges. Here’s an overview of some of the best surf spots in the region:

View of surfers point from Margaret River mouth at sunset with lots of greenery beside beach
Photo Credit: ‘Margaret River Mouth from Surfers Point’ by Douglas Kelley via CC BY-NC 4.0 DEED

Surfers Point

Surfers Point near Margaret River stands as a beacon for surf enthusiasts, offering a thrilling and challenging experience. Renowned for its powerful left and right-hand breaks over a reef, this spot can handle large swells, making it ideal for experienced surfers. The waves here are known for their consistency and can reach formidable heights, often up to 25 feet, providing an exhilarating ride for those who dare to take them on. This iconic location not only offers exceptional surfing conditions but also stunning views, making it a quintessential part of the Margaret River surf scene​​.

The Box

The Box, located near Margaret River’s Surfers Point, is a renowned surf spot famous for its intense and challenging waves and gnarly wipeouts. This formidable right-hander breaks over a shallow reef, demanding respect and skill from surfers who brave its waters. Known for its fast takeoff and powerful barrel, The Box is a spot where precision and experience are crucial. 

The wave’s proximity to deep water creates a sudden and dramatic rise, making it a favorite for advanced surfers seeking an adrenaline-fueled ride. This spot’s reputation for thrilling, high-performance surfing has cemented its place as a must-visit location for surf enthusiasts in the Margaret River region​​​​.

Surfers floating on their boards in crystal blue water in Yallingup

Photo by Corey Serravite on Unsplash


Yallingup, situated in the northern part of the Margaret River region, is a surf spot steeped in surfing history and renowned for its diverse wave offerings. Surf at Yallingup offers a blend of manageable reef breaks and challenging barrels, making it an ideal location for surfers of varying skill levels. The spot features long, shouldery lefts that cruise across the rocks into the main beach and faster, tubing rights. Its unique northwest orientation into the Indian Ocean makes it particularly receptive to southwest swells and easterly offshore winds. Stay, surf and chill at one of Yallingup’s beaches.

Fun Fact: Yallingup is widely considered the place where surfing first began in Western Australia during the 1950’s. This historical significance adds to Yallingup’s allure, marking it not only as a top surf destination but also as a crucial site in the history of Australian surfing, making it a hallowed ground for surf enthusiasts​​.

Cluster of large red rocks on Eagle Bay beach with blue waters in background
Photo Credit: ‘Eagle Bay’ by Chris Fithall via CC BY 4.0 DEED

Rocky Point

Rocky Point, located at the most northern point of Eagle Bay, is known for its sheltered reef break that consistently offers good surfing conditions. While the summer season can be mostly flat, it’s great when the conditions are right, particularly with west-southwest swells and offshore winds from the southwest. This left-hand reef break is popular for its surfability at all tide stages and tends to be less crowded, even when the surf is up. 

However, it gets its name for a reason, surfers should be cautious of submerged rocks. The best surfing conditions at Rocky Point are often found in winter, especially in July, when consistent clean waves are more frequent. The surf here can be suitable for a range of surfers, making it a versatile spot in the Margaret River region​​.

The Farm & Boneyards

The Farm and Boneyards are two notable surf spots located in the Bunker Bay area. The Farm is known for its versatility, offering waves suitable for all levels of surfers. It features both lefts and rights, with the swell size influencing the wave’s intensity. This spot is particularly popular among improver surfers, and its popularity is evident in the crowds it draws.

Boneyards, on the other hand, is known for its challenging conditions. Named for its tendency to close out depending on the movement of sandbanks, Boneyards offers both lefts and rights but is notably heavier than The Farm. The right-hand waves here generally hold better, especially on north swells. This spot is less crowded compared to The Farm.

Both The Farm and Boneyards are located to the east of Cape Naturaliste, just under an hour drive north from Margaret River. They are well worth the journey as they offer a different surfing experience compared to the more famous breaks closer to Margaret River, providing variety for surfers exploring the region​​.

Green gardens and vineyard with purple flowers with blue skies
Photo Credit: ‘Margaret River Wine Country’ by Tim (and Julie) Wilson via CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 DEED

Welcome to Cloud Wine – Exploring Margaret River’s Wineries

Margaret River is a treasure trove of exceptional wineries, each offering unique experiences and a diverse array of wines. Here are just some of the best wineries in the region where visitors can indulge in wine tastings, savor local cuisine, and immerse themselves in beautiful settings. 

Margaret River’s wineries the perfect place to unwind after a long day of surfing waves and basking in the hot Australian sun. For real wine connoisseurs looking for the ultimate Margaret River experience, consider booking a vineyard retreat.

Domaine Naturaliste

Located in Margaret River’s Wilyabrup valley, Domaine Naturaliste stands as a beacon of winemaking excellence under the guidance of renowned winemaker Bruce Dukes. Celebrated for its balanced, complex wines that beautifully reflect the region’s unique terroir, the winery is a testament to sustainable practices and the harmony between nature and viticulture. Known especially for its award-winning Sauvignon Blanc, Domaine Naturaliste’s approach to winemaking prioritizes natural beauty and the richness of Margaret River. 

Visitors are invited to explore the depth and variety of the winery’s offerings through tastings at the cellar door, where knowledgeable staff provide insights into the winemaking process and the stories behind each bottle, making it an essential visit for those eager to delve into the craft of winemaking in one of Australia’s most esteemed wine regions​​​​.

Voyager Estate

Voyager Estate is a renowned winery celebrated for its meticulous approach to winemaking and sustainable practices. Visitors to Voyager Estate can explore its beautiful Cape Dutch-style architecture, stroll through the stunning rose gardens, and delve into the world of wine through comprehensive tastings. The winery specializes in producing premium Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, capturing the essence and complexity of the region’s terroir. 

Guests can also enjoy wine-paired lunches, offering an exquisite culinary experience that complements their wine selection. Beyond tastings, Voyager Estate offers behind-the-scenes tours, including visits to Australia’s largest underground barrel cellar, providing a deeper understanding of their winemaking process and philosophy​​.

Leeuwin Estate

Leeuwin Estate, a cornerstone of the Margaret River wine scene, is acclaimed for its Art Series Chardonnay, often regarded as one of Australia’s finest white wines. The estate offers a blend of fine wine, art, and culinary experiences set against the backdrop of its picturesque vineyards. Visitors can enjoy wine tastings, view contemporary Australian art in the estate’s gallery, and dine in the estate’s restaurant, which serves dishes crafted from local produce. 

Leeuwin Estate also hosts celebrated music concerts, adding a unique dimension to its wine culture. This venue is a must-visit for those seeking to indulge in the premium wine, art, and natural beauty of Margaret River​​​​.

Cape Mentelle

Cape Mentelle, one of Margaret River’s oldest wineries, offers a rich blend of history, exquisite wines, and unique experiences. Visitors can immerse themselves in the winery’s storied past while exploring its beautiful grounds. Cape Mentelle is particularly renowned for its Cabernet Sauvignon, contributing significantly to the region’s esteemed reputation in winemaking. 

Beyond wine tasting, the estate transforms into an outdoor cinema during the summer, offering a memorable way to experience the charm of Margaret River. This winery is a testament to the region’s ability to blend tradition with innovation, making it a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts​​.

Mr. Barval Fine Wines

Mr. Barvel in Margaret River is a picturesque winery known for its beautifully decorated building and serene lake views, offering visitors a tranquil spot to enjoy their selection of fine wines. Guests can choose to sit outdoors in the sun, under the pergola, or inside by the fire, making it an ideal location regardless of the weather. 

The winery is celebrated for its mulled wines in winter, adding a cozy touch to the wine-tasting experience. Mr Barvel provides a perfect blend of natural beauty and exquisite wines, making it a delightful stop for those exploring the Margaret River region​​.

Margaret River Wine Show

Margaret River wine is definitely something to celebrate, so if you plan your getaway to the region during October, you’re in for a treat! The 2024 Margaret River Wine Show takes place on October 28th to 31st. It is a pivotal event for the local wine industry, offering critical assessments from esteemed judges. It’s an exclusive showcase for Margaret River wine producers, aiming to highlight the region’s distinct wine styles and signature varieties. Visitors can expect a thorough appraisal and feedback session, making it a significant occasion to explore the excellence and diversity of Margaret River wines​​.

Where to Stay?

Margaret River offers a diverse range of accommodations, catering to every guest’s taste and preference. From cozy homes perfect for couples on a romantic getaway to Margaret River, to expansive farmhouses for larger groups and luxurious vineyard estates, there’s something for everyone. Each property boasts great amenities, including private swimming pools and large balconies, ensuring a comfortable stay. Guests can enjoy spectacular views of the region’s natural beauty, making a getaway to Margaret River truly unique and unforgettable.

Cheers to your Margaret River Getaway

Wrapping up your Margaret River wine and surf weekend, remember: whether you’ve come for the waves or the wine (or both), this region promises an escape where every sip and surf leaves you thirsting for more. So, get ready to raise your glass to an unforgettable getaway and we look forward to welcoming you to the sunny south-west!

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